Corporate Events & Client Transport

Corporate Events Transport

Now you can host an Ibiza corporate event and transport your staff to any of your various sites, business meetings and multi-point itineraries without having to worry about delays, high costs and disruptions to the event.

Whether it’s a one-off corporate event transfer service you require or it’s regular transfers for your staff and clients, we can offer you a solution. We also provide you a contract if you require regular transport to and from events and can handle all the logistics.

Transport problems are one of those issues that if not handled in advance could cause a complete failure of an event – and that’s because people need a way to get to the venue and to get there on time. In fact, transport problems could be what attendees remember about your event which could harm your brand.

You can trust Ibiza Transit Express to handle your corporate events transport requirements because of our extensive experience in this area and our outstanding corporate minibus hire solutions.

Corporate Client Transport

We can also help with the logistics of moving large numbers from one place to another and can provide a uniform group of vehicles, which will look impressive lined up at your venue.

In business, first impressions can make the difference between success and failure. That’s certainly the view held by the management team at Ibiza Transit express. If you are in need of transporting your employees or clients to a meeting or event, we will organise and provide a minibus to suit your executive minibus hire needs.

Every one of our vehicles is presented immaculately, with our courteous, uniformed hire minibus drivers.

Like many businesses you may be considering your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment. You can take a big step by setting environmental goals to achieve, by hiring a minibus which is more environmentally friendly than using multiple vehicles.

Statistically minibus transfers are a more environmentally friendly mode of transport especially if there is a large group of people needing to be transported as one minibus can take the place of several cars on the road. Companies that conform to their Corporate Social Responsibility policy will also benefit from opting for business minibus hire as it will help them achieve their targets.

Special Requirements

When it comes to our services, there are some special considerations that can be included upon request. We can provide bottled water for your clients for a small additional fee should you request this service. We also offer the opportunity to brand or decorate our minibuses.

Corporate Branding Vehicles

Are you looking to advertise a new product or service or perhaps you need to stand out with a big showcase at a corporate event?

We offer vehicle branding and advertising on our minibuses which allows you to hit a large audience everyday as you are driving around Ibiza constantly, during busy times of the day and evenings.

A minibus is definitely a highly effective system to give visibility of your brand and we offer event decoration for minibuses with balloons, custom designs and much more.

Corporate Event & Client Transport Tips

Here are some of the tips for your corporate client transport service:

•Let our reservations team help co-ordinate your itineraries and make your travel arrangements giving advice on planning routes and travelling times. Our team will work closely with you to provide your unique and individual itinerary to meet your specific requirements.

•We can also provide a dedicated event coordinator to oversee the day’s ground transportation.

•We make recommendations for vehicles that suit your business needs.

•For companies that require regular transportation, we are happy to be your corporate minibus company of choice.

•The most competitive service contracts and standby minibus hire options, especially in cases when you need minibuses in an emergency or last minute.

• If branding or decorating or custom wrapping our minibuses or fleet remember that you will need to book in advance time set aside to achieve this and to remove the branding either side of your bookings.

Would you like to know more about our Ibiza corporate event & client transport service? Get in touch today to speak one of our representatives and to book your transport email