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Once you’ve touched down on hallowed Ibiza soil, it’s tempting to stick to the same tried and tested schedule — beach, bar, club, repeat. But those who venture beyond the well trodden track are often surprised by what lies in wait — in as little as four hours you can get a taster featuring some of the best artistic hotspots on the island. From abandoned clubs that lie in the heart of the Ibiza campo to some of the white isle’s most Instagrammable hotels, there’s plenty to see for anyone with creative inclinations.

The first spot we’d recommend is Time and Space by Andrew Rogers. Affectionately referred to as Ibiza Henge, this towering circle of basalt stone columns is arranged to represent the solar system with each piece perfectly placed using the Fibonacci sequence. Located near Cala Llentia on the island’s picturesque south west coast, it was commissioned by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté back in 2014. It looks dramatic against the Med at any time of day, but arrive in time for sunset and you’re in for something really special.

Second on the itinerary is Festival Club in San Jose. Nestled away among the vibrant green pine trees at the heart of the island, this sprawling amphitheatre was built in the late ‘60s but was only in use for a few years before being abandoned. Today, nature has reclaimed the site, but so too have a slew of graffiti artists who pepper the crumbling walls with their kaleidoscopic designs. For clubbers, this spot is an almost mythical site — imaginations ignited by the dancefloor memories that could and should have been.


Next stop on the tour is San Antonio on the island’s west coast, a relatively quiet town that comes alive at night. Visit by day however, and you notice that many of the town’s buildings have been brought alive with vibrantly coloured murals, some of which have been created by the most revered graffiti artists in the world — Montse Nadal, Said Dokins and Spaik45 among them. It’s all part of the annual Bloop Festival, a celebration of art that showcases a different theme each year and which artists are encouraged to interpret accordingly. Some artworks can take up to a week complete and it’s fascinating to watch them unfold on what was a previously blank canvas.

Sticking to the streets of San Antonio and it’s not long before you stumble upon Cubanito Ibiza. Located near Cala Gracio, this retro-inspired hotel conjures the flavours of Havana back in the ‘50s with zesty interiors and artworks hung from the walls. Head up to the roof for a mojito and one of Ibiza’s best secret sunset views. Just down the road is Wi-Ki-Woo, a sorbet shaded haven for the world’s influencers. And further round the bay sits Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, a Miami-inspired pink paradise with an unbeatable collection of contemporary art.

That might satiate your thirst for visual inspiration but if you’re keen for more, the tour can be extended by an additional few hours. Start in Ibiza town, for instance, where more Bloop artists have flexed their magic, and head north to take in Cala d’en Serra, home to a graffitied abandoned hotel, and Los Enamorados in Portinatx, where the owners are captured in an eternal embrace on the facade of this fabulous beachside hotel.

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